Safety Information
The components included in this package are prone to damage from electrostatic
discharge (ESD). Please adhere to the following instructions to ensure successful
computer assembly.
Ensure that all components are securely connected. Loose connections may cause
the computer to not recognize a component or fail to start.
Hold the motherboard by the edges to avoid touching sensitive components.
It is recommended to wear an electrostatic discharge (ESD) wrist strap when
handling the motherboard to prevent electrostatic damage. If an ESD wrist strap
is not available, discharge yourself of static electricity by touching another metal
object before handling the motherboard.
Store the motherboard in an electrostatic shielding container or on an anti-static
pad whenever the motherboard is not installed.
Before turning on the computer, ensure that there are no loose screws or metal
components on the motherboard or anywhere within the computer case.
Do not boot the computer before installation is completed. This could cause
permanent damage to the components as well as injury to the user.
If you need help during any installation step, please consult a certified computer


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