Slim, ultra-portable design

Only 19.8 mm, the MSI Slidebook S20 tips the scale at only 1.16 kilograms and it packs mSATA SSD, so it is ideal for people on the go.


One-step design lets it slide from tablet to laptop in one easy

Simply push up gently to transform your tablet into a laptop.


Adjustable tilt to get that ideal angle

The angle of the MSI Slidebook S20 can be adjusted for your needs anytime, anywhere.


mSATA SSD provides performance boost

We've made the mSATA SSD smaller and lighter than conventional SSDs without sacrificing functionality or performance. The greatest advantage of the SSD is that it accelerates read-write time for faster boot-ups and quicker response time. You'll be impressed with the mSATA SSD's superior read-write performance. 

Full HD 1080p LCD display offers superior picture quality

With almost double the pixel resolution, the full HD 1080p boasts better picture quality.


IPS delivers consistent images with minimal distortion and rich, vibrant colors

Enjoy more color consistent images from front, side, below–virtually any angle. The MSI Slidebook S20 is ideal for graphics work, Internet surfing, and picture viewing.


10-point multi-touch screen allows you to control Windows 8 smoothly and with precision

The MSI Slidebook S20's 10-point multi-touch optimizes your touch experience on the new touch-based Windows 8 UI. Pinch-to-zoom, rotate images, and scroll through webpages easily.


THX TruStudio Pro provides superior surround sound

The high fidelity THX TruStudio Pro maximizes your music, movie, and gaming audio experience.



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